Oak Shores residents to give thanks with rain dance

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Alan “Spirit Hawk” Salazar
Alan “Spirit Hawk” Salazar

A rain dance will be offered this Saturday at Oak Shores at Lake Nacimiento to welcome the storms and give thanks.

California’s extended drought has visibly affected Lake Nacimiento, which stands at 21% of normal levels. When three inches of recent rain improved the main water shed at Three Peaks, it gave rise to optimism in the community. When the weather forecast predicted more storms, it became a cause for celebration and thanks for the residents and all who enjoy Lake Nacimiento.

“Too often, we complain about the rain we do get,” says Grace Borzini, owner-broker of Oak Shores Realty. “Either it’s seen as an inconvenience, or we say it’s not enough. Isn’t it wiser to show appreciation for our rain, when it’s so desperately needed?”

Alan “Spirit Hawk” Salazar, who is a Chumash spiritual leader, will help Oak Shores residents welcome the rain with a Native American rain dance on Saturday, March 1, at 3:30 p.m. The dance will be held at the Main Marina.

The Chumash tribe has called the California coastal regions home for over a millennia. Salazar frequently presents educational programs about the tribe’s history and culture to schools and youth groups.

“I’m thrilled to have him visit us,” says Borzini. “We’re honored by his willingness to conduct this dance. This is about showing appreciation for nature and our environment. We hope that everyone will join is, in person or in spirit, to celebrate this much-needed rain and to give thanks for it.”